Life Lessons beyond classrooms

Specialising in developing, organising and executing modular and customised edutainment programmes for children between 4 and 12 years old.

A Creative Edutainment Platform
For children to unlock their learning potential and imagination

Ukids provides children aged 4-12 with fun events. knowledge boxes, field trips and thinking cap-on programmes which develop soft skills, lifeskills, enhance self-confidence, instill curiosity and foster critical thinking. From intellectual development to simply leisure, we have it all just right for you.

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So, What's Unique About UKIDS?

UKIDS is a unique child edutainment programme unlike any other.


It is designed to supplement and complement formal education and takes the pursuit of knowledge beyond the classroom.

Supplement & Complement formal education


Children will enjoy inspiring hands-on, thinking cap-on programs that develop soft life skills, enhance self-confidence, instil curiosity and foster critical thinking.

Children will enjoy inspiring hands-on, thinking cap-on programs


All these will open up your child's mind to apply wider perspectives and connects the dots in everything he or she thinks, imagines, experiences through every stage of life.

Connect the dots in everything they think, imagine and experience

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welcome to the paradigm shift in your child's learning
Let UKIDS set your child on a journey of knowledge that is
Immensely Holistic.







Unique Programmes to Unlock A Desire to Learn

UKIDS recognize the importance of bringing up children from the inside out. Thus, we provide different categories of programmes to serve different needs yet share the same passion for providing the best for parents, children, and educators.

Field Trip • Group Learning

Engaging programmes that take kids on an exploration in the field to unveil knowledge and discoveries by utilising all their sensory perceptions and to cultivate a sense of wonder by analysing and questioning right there.

Cultural Experience

Offering a gateway to the world for students. We provide assistance and support in creating the perfect itinerary for students to enjoy cultures and experience endless fun through learning and bonding activities.

Workshop • Event

Problem-solving learning is a child-centred, experiential learning method in which kids gain hands-on knowledge and skills by working for an extended period of time to investigate and trigger a response in real life, engaging in solving complex questions, problems and challenges.

Eventful Celebrations

Every kid loves a celebration with friends and family. We turn every celebration into a carnival of joyful, eventful and memorable happenings with lots of activities, games, food and gifts that seem endless for all to share.

Knowledge At Your Doorstep

The world around your kid is an endless encyclopedia of learning. Let your kid benefit from volumes of knowledge from A to Z while exploring the box of real-life learning.      

Learn Through Play

A collection of learning packs provide engaging age-appropriate activities and information that augment school education.

More Than A Playground

How do you cheer up a grumpy kid? Easy: a quick stop at an exciting and adventurous kids’ zone should do the trick!

Get your kids excited about learning via our fun-filled virtual classrooms, conducted by dedicated teachers with the aid of Kiddypedia – our unique educational boxes that will be delivered to your doorsteps!

Creative Bonding Time With Family Play

Parents and kids can have a special day out together too. We add a whole new dimension to value-added bonding with an assortment of enjoyable interactive co-learning activities that you and your kid will cherish a lifetime.