Field Trip

Learning is a great big adventure for kids, especially in the early years of their lives. While in-class education builds their concentration and literacy skills, a better way to fully develop their cognitive abilities is through exposure to new experiences – and we have just the thing!

We provide a comprehensive education for children to expand their horizons by learning through first-hand discovery.

What we can do for you:

Development of itinerary

Development of posters tailored to your outing

Empowerment of kids’ learning

Inspection of destinations

Here are the types of field trips we offer:

Day trip

Impart your knowledge to kids outside the classroom on a half-day or full-day trip!


Choose from a wide variety of themes to make learning a fun experience for the kids!

Exclusive workshop

Strengthen the kids’ observation skills by connecting them to real-world experiences through a series of valuable learning experiences.

Selection of outing themes:

Wonder of Nature

Hands-On & Minds-On Workshop

Art Gallery


Factory & Corporation


Beach & Island

Theme Park Bonanza

Teambuilding & Adventure

All About Science

Museum Mania

Why collaborate with us:

Safety is our number one priority

Our comprehensive risk management plan covers all potential scenarios and procedures to manage potential situations that may occur.

Dedicated tour guide and manager

Each group will be assigned an experienced tour guide and manager that will manage all logistics while on tour.

Unique and profound with education elements

Our thorough programs provide the kids with opportunities to explore real-world concepts and acquire important life skills.