Family & Children Events

Let’s help families spend their quality time together in a meaningful and exciting way with fun and energetic activities!

Together, we can join efforts to promote having a fabulous family fun time to strengthen the bond between family members!

Benefits you’ll enjoy through our collaboration:

A huge selection of family-friendly themes

Engaging and fascinating event decorations

Lively family-friendly entertainment and activities

Creative custom door gifts

Delightful and exquisite catering services

Captivating event photography and videography

Types of events that we host:

Company events: Product launches, store opening

Themed events and parties: Birthdays, dinners

Public events: Awareness campaigns

Family days, gatherings and reunions

Luncheons, hi-teas and dinners

Reasons to choose us:

Comprehensive database

Our comprehensive database of families and children can ensure that your company, products and services will reach the right audience.

Trusted and experienced

Our credibility is established through the trust of our clientele and participation of 200,000 children in over 5000 events and programs hosted by us.

Complete and convenient

Our in-house team will handle every aspect of the event, from idea generation to event execution, to ensure a smooth operation and ease of communication between us.