Medical Events

Gather and inject the latest medical information into a single event to be shared with the public and field professionals!

As event experts, we will design highly engaging events that will ensure an exciting and effective dissemination of critical knowledge to your targeted audience.

Offered ‘Treatments’ for your Event Needs:

At Uniquecom, we offer:


Unleash boundless creativity with our innovative solutions, guiding you through every step of the creative development process.

Venue Sourcing
and Inspection

Streamline your venue search with our efficient sourcing and inspection services.

Marketing and
Branding Strategies

Strategic marketing and branding to elevate your event’s impact.

Event Logistics

Ensure smooth events with our logistical expertise, managing every detail for a seamless experience.

Talent and
Manpower Sourcing

Source skilled manpower strategically with our tailored talent acquisition solutions.

Speaker Sourcing
and Management

Discover impactful speakers seamlessly managed for your event’s success.

Customized Door Gifts

Personalizing door gifts to make your event memorable.


Guest Management

Online invitation, registration and attendance tracking.


Catering services

Exceptional catering tailored to please your taste buds.

Transportation and

Simplify travel arrangements with our comprehensive transportation and accommodation solutions.

Event Photography
and Videography

Capturing moments through professional videography and photography services.

Different Types of Events:



Antenatal classes

Awareness Days

Seminars, Webinars
and Talks

Themed Hospital

Reasons to Let Us Aid You:

At Uniquecom:

Event Technology

We possess technological solutions that ensure the delivery of a seamless experience, from registration and show tech to attendance tracking and engagement tools.

End-to-End Solutions

We have the right people to handle every job function in event management, from ideation down to execution, we will take care of everything.


We possess many years of experience in planning and handling

medical events for a large clientele, thus establishing our

credibility and expertise in the event management industry.