Family Club

A sense of belonging is one of the most basic needs for anyone as it creates a sense of purpose for them.

Join us in bridging connections between families to build a loving community within a warm environment through a family club!

What’s on the menu:

Establishment of family/kids’ club

Creation of logos and concepts

Conception of mascot designs

Arrangement of festive & monthly decorations

Management of club membership

Arrangement of enrichment classes

Conception of indoor & outdoor playground designs

Types of club events and activities:

Birthday celebrations

Field trips

Monthly themed parties

Festive gatherings

Sports day

Arts & crafts classes

Volunteer events

Awareness campaigns

Why work with us:

Experiential play

We emphasise learning through play by designing our curriculum around the idea to encourage children to explore and experience new things.

Family & community-focused

We believe that family is the foundation of community building, so our monthly events highlight parenting and childhood achievements.

Management experiences

We have ample experience in managing kids’ clubs and events.

Super in-house team

We are able to perform the entirety of club and event management functions through an incredible in-house team.