The COVID-19 pandemic has completely transformed the world and the ways in which it functions, necessitating travel restrictions and social distancing due to health and wellbeing concerns.

As a result, many events and meetings have been postponed or cancelled, calling for the implementation of a new norm that only allows virtual meetings for the time being.

One of the virtual meeting methods that has garnered attention and popularity during the global crisis is the Webinar, which is a product of the digitisation of seminars that provides you a similar experience from the comfort of your own home!

Our Capabilities:

At Uniquecom, we offer:

Concept and Creative Development

We offer our best in conceptualising the technical and creative aspects of a landing page which we will then develop for you. Sit back as we handle the registration process and information display, as well as the management, collection and storing of information in our database to be transferred to you.

Pre-Event Management

We are capable of managing every aspect of the event prior to the big day, including planning the activities, developing and managing the website, designing invitation flyers, conducting training and rehearsals and even inviting the attendees!

Webinar Platform Management

We ensure that your webinar will be held on a well-designed platform that will guarantee accessibility for registered attendees to participate in the webinar.

Professional Event Team Support

We have a team of highly experienced and dedicated professionals, who provide AV and IT technical support and are well-versed in slide management, webinar operation, remote call invitation and flow arrangement – just leave it to us so that you can focus on your performance!

Post-Event Support

We will continue supporting you even after your event by providing you with event reports such as Attendance Report, Q&A Report and Live Poll Report to allow you to review the performance of the event.


Our Add-On Services

Tired of the basics? We offer:

Virtual Background




Powerpoint Template

Post Event: e-Certificate Delivery

More RSVPs than expected?
We allow increment of participants:

Up to 200 participants

Up to 500 participants

Up to 1000 participants

Increment of Speaker

Increment of Webinar Duration

Our Core Competencies:

Experienced Team

Our highly experienced team integrates creativity and technology to bring you and your audiences the most impressive and memorable webinar.

Customizable Service

Our pride lies in our customisable services that can be tailored according to your needs to make your event unique.

End-to-End Service and Support

Our team is well-versed in all things virtual and will handle everything, including:
– Event Flow Development
– Event Landing Page Development
– Virtual Platform Development
– Thematic Design Conceptualisation
– And Many More!

Package Details

Webinar Platform Hubilo | Zoom | Teams
No. of Participants Up to 100 participants
No. of Speakers  Up to 2 persons
Duration Up to 2 hours
Rehearsal & Training Online/Remote (Half-day)
Polling Session Included
Q & A Session Included
Event Team Support

 Dedicated Professionals for AV

– IT Technical Support 

 Professional Switching Director-Team

– Webinar Operator

– Remote Call Invitation

– Flow Arrangement

Post Event Report

Attendance Report 

Q & A Report 

Live Poll Report

Design & Graphic

– Invitation Flyer (A4)

– Webinar Layout Design 

– Countdown Landing Page

– Ending Page

Design chosen from our catalogue (Option 1 – 15)


– Registration Form

– Email Confirmation

– Reminder Email 


1 Design


Livestream Equipment

1 session Video Coverage 

1 set Livestream Encoder System

1 set Bi-Directional SDI-HDMI Converter

1 set Audio System + Background Music

1 set Video Switcher + Live Stream Setup

Recording Included

Optional Service:

Customised Design

  • Virtual Background
  • Special Design
  • EDM
  • Certificate
  • PowerPoint Template

On Request

Email of e-Certificate (Post Event)

On Request

Increase Participants

Up to 200 participants

Up to 500 participants

Up to 1000 participants

On Request 

Increase Speakers

On Request 

Increase Livestream Duration

On Request