Tourism Events

Create a hospitable platform for you and your international corporate allies to strengthen professional relations and exchange ideas and strategies through a tailored cosmopolitan event.

Join us in hosting events that not only bridge cultural differences, but are professional, inclusive, engaging and gratifying for all parties involved.

What Do We Offer:

At Uniquecom, we offer:


Crafting unique travel experiences with meticulous planning

Transportation Services

Efficient and reliable transportation services

Accommodation Booking

Convenient accommodation booking tailored to your preferences


Exceptional catering tailored to please your taste buds

Venue Inspection
and Decoration

Thorough venue inspection and creative decoration for the perfect event ambiance

Marketing and
Branding Strategizing

Strategic marketing and branding to elevate your event’s impact

Trip Managing

E-invitation, registration and attendance tracking

Our Assortment of Events:

Explore our options:

Exhibitions and
Trade Fairs

International Conferences and Seminars

Business Trips

Cultural Performances

Cultural Exchange Programs

Our Strongest Points:


Our many years of excellence and in-depth knowledge in the field serve as an apparatus in meeting the needs of our clients as well as a benchmark for us to continue growing as a solutions provider.


Our services are limitless to provide our clients with the best possible solutions for their problems and maintained through monitoring and heightening their satisfaction.


Our entity is recognised and licensed by the Ministry of Travel and Culture (MOTAC) to ensure you the best quality of services and a peace of mind.


Our combination of travel agency and event organiser makes us the most convenient and conducive solutions provider to deal with, as our in-house team are more than capable of handling events from every single aspect.