ENRICHING EXPERIENCES through exciting events

Shopping Mall Events

A mall’s purpose transcends the offering of a mere shopping experience. More often than not, a mall’s patronage is influenced by the events held over a period of time. Enrich your patrons’ experiences through the design of exciting events with our help.

Here are what we have to offer:

Conceptualisation of thematic designs

Fabrication and assembly of props and decorations

Installation of props and decorations

Thematic transformation of mall’s interior

Marketing and promotion of events

Management of participants and crowd control

Types of Mall Events:

Festive celebrations

Public awareness campaigns


Public events

Anniversary celebrations

Thematic events

Why Work with Us?


We have the best minds in the commercial festive decoration industry to craft an impactful concept for your mall.


We have in-house creative, design and fabrication specialists on hand to turn your commercial festive dreams into reality.


We are well-equipped with the right people and tools to manufacture and produce every piece of your decorations internally.


Whatever your needs, we ensure a professional, efficient and timely set up.