Virtual Event Pack

Embrace the virtual-meets-physical event today with a Virtual Event Pack! A virtual event pack creates a bespoke connection between your online participants and your brand, allowing them to engage and experience a fusion of traditional and futuristic event elements.

What can we do for you?

Connect the Dots

We will do the hard work of connecting the dots by producing ideas and solutions for you to work with.

Provide Creative Brand Merchandise

We will help propose and include complimentary merchandise in the virtual event packs to extend your thoughts to your virtual event participants.

Organise Successful Virtual Events

We will develop comprehensive solutions for you to convert physical events into virtual, and bring your attendees an experience like no other.

Develop Creative & Immersive Event Packs

We will develop and design uniquely curated boxes exclusively for you to engage with your existing audience and reach out to new opportunities.

Sort Inventory and Delivery

We will handle everything from purchasing, packing to delivery to bring the event to your virtual participants in the comfort of their own space.

What are the types of event packs?

Virtual Conference Packs

Webinar Packs

Virtual Meeting Packs

Virtual Networking Event Packs

Virtual Exhibition Packs

Virtual Team Building Packs

Why should you host a virtual event?

To stand out from the crowd

With events moving steadily over to the virtual world, the Virtual Event Pack is a good way to give your event an edge.

To keep your audience safe, yet highly engaged

The Virtual Event Packs allow your participants to engage with and immerse into your events safely from the comfort of their own homes.

To show that you care

One of the ways to show your consideration for your audience during the pandemic is through inspiring them via your virtual events.