Dr. Kid on Duty - Online Learning Class

Best virtual classroom for all young ones aspiring to be doctors.

Special Features

1½ hours of knowledge-packed online interactive class

Conducted via ClassIn, an easy and child-friendly interactive platform

Dr. Kid on Duty Kiddypedia Box with rich content (a story-based booklet, game materials, worksheets, instruction guides & others)

Small class size for more one-on-one attention from the teacher

Conducted by an award-winning content creator/teacher with over 15 years of experience

Designed by learning specialists - having created various educational boxes including many Doctor Box Series

Regardless of whether your child is just beginning his or her education in preschool or is heading off to a primary school, this online course will surely excite your child about doctors and healthcare in general.

Via this virtual classroom, the teacher will impart knowledge about the hospital, health-related information, and interesting facts about doctors to your child in a delightful manner.

Your child will have a chance to gain useful, informative knowledge, sharpen the senses and understand new concepts. The relevant Kiddypedia Box, which will be sent to your doorstep, contains all kinds of exciting materials to guide your child through this virtual class.

Your child will love playing and solving the games, and you will love seeing your child’s knowledge grow as he or she sets off on the path to becoming a lifelong learner.

Virtual class registration ends on 18th August 2021. So hurry and click on the link below for more information!