Thematic Children Event

Fun Themes From A To Z

Ukids infuses wow effect themes into each event whether it is a celebration, educational event, or exclusive workshop. We strive to provide platforms for kids to unleash their inner potential, express imagination, and enjoy themselves to the fullest through themes and role-play experiences.

Themes Selection

| Space | Dinosaur | Ocean | Animals | Plants | Jungle | Countries | Festives | Haloween | Occupations Pretend Play | Science |

… And any theme you can think of, we can do that!


Why Us?

We Bring WOW Factor To Kids

Every event we manage is as special to us as it is to the kids. We use our expertise to blend knowledge with fun activities for them. Once they have a base layer of understanding to the topic, incremental knowledge will come afterwards!

We Have Kids-Friendly & Well Trained Crews

Each of our event crew is well trained before the events take place, to make sure they are performing in a kids-friendly way and kids are highly engaged with his/ her interaction, that's when learning happens without kids even realising.

Educational Children Event

We don't only focus knowledge, we put "take-home values" into our consideration when developing a thematic children event. We care about what parents care. Thus, our events foster kids' curiosity, creativity and critical thinking too!