Kids Zone

How do you cheer up a grumpy kid? Easy: a quick stop at an exciting and adventurous kids’ zone should do the trick!

Watch as families return to your business over and over again as the kids pull their parents towards the fun-filled play area that you’ve wisely invested in!

Where you can park your kids’ zone:

Shopping malls

Developer's sales galleries



Any kid-friendly establishments

Why your business should have a designated kids’ zone:

Enhances your business’
brand identity

Offering a family-friendly facility would attract more frequent and happy visitors who would be glad to indirectly advertise your establishment far and wide.

Stand out from
the rest

Going the extra mile to provide a dedicated play area would result in grateful visitors who would gladly revisit your business for the hassle-free experience.


Providing a themed kids’ zone enriched with customised activities and helpful tools would encourage kids to learn through play like never before.

What we offer:


Conceptualisation & 3D visualisation


Quality control

Kids’ zone setup


Coordination with third-party suppliers