Corporate Kids Club

Great For Both Your Employees & Customers

Encourage employees and customers to enrol in company’s Kids Club to enjoy benefits and rewards, and tighten bonding.

Why Set Up Kids Club For Your Company?

Brand Retention

Besides establishing a membership club for your audience, why not create a Kids Club for their little ones too? Ukids is an expert in Kids Club management! Invite your members for workshops, parenting programs, and celebrations to build a long-term relationship.

Bring People Together

Very often, people are busy with jobs, house chores, and daily routines. A Kids Club provides social occasions where people will get to know each other better through different programs and activities, enhancing human relationships, especially for kids to meet new friends.

Expand Potential Market

Parents are one of the most important target audiences in many industries. Kids Club is good way for businesses to penetrate into a larger market by having different events at different venues on different occasions to attract new members.

What We Can Do For You?

Set-up of Your Corporate Kids Club

  • Name of the Kids Club
  • Logo Design & Tagline
  • Mascot & Theme Design
  • Video Introduction
  • Enrolment for Kids Club
  • Marketing & Social Media

Kids Club Management & Programme Development

Schedule Your Kids Club Activities

  • Kids Club Anniversary Celebration
  • School Holiday Programme
  • Festive Celebration
  • Birthday Celebration
  • Family Trip/ Outing
  • Parenting Sports Day/ Telematch
  • Treasure Hunt