Here is the cookie policy document of (Event Name) (“we, “us,” “our”) which guides you through the process of use of cookies of the website visitors and networking platform users of the Event.

It refers to the information collected from (website URL) and any webpage/social accounts linked to it and how securely it is stored. The cookie policy of the Event will be updated regularly when incorporating any new security regulations.

Our website uses a small text file to collect the attendees’ information with Cookies. We may use cookies to collect information about the user activities on the site to use this as an opportunity to improvise on the website experience and services.

Most browsers allow the users to control cookies.

What kind of cookies do we collect?

Our event website and networking community collects cookies in the form of user tokens.

How do we use these cookies?

We use in the form of tokens to authorize users with the iFrame compatibility on our website and community platform. These cookies are collected as they are necessary for the platforms to function.